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I wouldn't worry about starvation mode either, you've eaten and you don't want anymore. Last Fall I had the stomach flu, and could not keep food or liquids down for 10 days straight. During that time I lost 15lbs. However when I could keep food down again those 15 lbs came back within a couple of weeks. I think that's what "starvation mode" really is. Of course that being said I hardly moved during those 10 days, mostly from bed to the bathroom and back again. So it could be argued that I didn't really burn many calories either.

I'm also not of the opinion that a "metabolism" can be screwed up forever. I've lost quite a bit of weight and am in much better shape than when I started and I can tell you for certain that my metabolism has changed, even though I have yo-yo and crazy dieted most of my life.
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