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Originally Posted by amaples View Post
Thanks, Lisa Annie.
"And there in lies the problem. In my opinion HCG is a short term fix to a long term problem. Did you change your lifestyle? Did you learn to cook and eat heathier, or add exercise to your routine? Did you learn about how your body metabolizes what you eat, the proper balance of calories and macro-nutients?"
I'm not looking for criticism. I thought that was one thing about this website. The positive encouragement.
Gee thanks, rpmcduff for your nonopinion. I hope to not suffer an over 20lb. setback such as yourself. If you aren't doing the hcg diet and don't know anything about it, save it. I asked for maintenance tips not BS. Thanks, signing off and logging off. The HCG website is much better. Won't be checking in here again.
to add to LisaAnne, I am another HCG user. I have lost 22 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks so far. Yes I know about healthy eating, exercise, etc. I've gone to the gym daily. I play tennis regularly. I never eat fast food or processed food. I've cut out carbs. I buy fresh fruits and veggies, or grow my own. I think I've done it all which maybe has kept me from getting even heavier, but I have had no luck losing weight. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to find HCG!

The big difference for me is that I can eat only 500 calories a day but not be hungry, not feel deprived. I know it sounds crazy! I couldn't believe it either until I saw it for myself. I've done 1000 calorie diets in the past and I always felt starved. My hair fell out. I lost weight from the wrong places. People started telling me I didn't look well. When I stopped, the weight just came back over the years. With HCG I feel wonderful and full of energy, and I haven't had the problems I had before.

If you do HCG you are on a strict plan which you are not supposed to alter, so you have to be committed enough to stay within the rules. I haven't found it that hard but I don't have to cook for others or have meals as part of social or business engagements. I've found the restrictions so worth it for the results I'm getting. Maintainence is also addressed in the plan and others have succeeded very well, and I think if it doesn't work for me it will only be because I didn't follow the plan.

We are all individuals and have to decide what works best for us. For me, I am SO thankful to have this hope where I have had so little for the 59 previous years of my life.
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