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Our family gets together each Monday for a "family dinner." With everybody's busy lives, it's the one time per week we can actually sit down and enjoy each other's company. I count this day as my "cheat day." Even so, I still log what I eat. This helps me to be aware of just how many extra calories and carbs you can consume withouy even realizing it. Knowing that I'm going to log it keeps me from overdoing it. Seeing it in black and white is also a motivation to keep within the ballpark. I don't deny myself of anything (like that pumpkin cheescake last Monday), but also want to make sure my weekly totals are within the goal range and that the scale is not going in the wrong direction! if I keep the cheat days under 3,000 calories I'm happy. so far so good!
9/9/11 - 253.2
9/29/11 - 238.8
Goal - 210
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