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Thank you for your answer, FitDay Jim.
I have a Tanita scale and it says that my BMI is now at 44% but here my BMI is now 36 which is a big difference. I'm confused about this difference. I was told that Tanita can get erroneous readings if you're retaining water or if you have inflammation, but the readings are always consistent.

What's your take on this, Jim? I wonder why it happens to some ppl and most importantly, which reading would you use if this was happening to you? I know it's just a 'number' however reducing my BMI is a big part of my goals. Goal #2 is to get out of the obese range. Goal #1 was or is to get out of the morbidly obese range. According to Tanita I'm still there, according to Fitday I'm out.
The calipers are a mute point now since I'm no longer going to the gym where they offered those readings. From what you've said I gather that if I choose to use the Tanita readings there is no way for me to track customized BMI readings here.
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