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Jen, personally I would ditch the calorie counting method. I follow Dr. Richard K Bernstein's WOE AKA low carb similar to Atkins. You limit your carbs to no more than 30 per day. By limiting your carbs you limit your glucose and prevent insulin spike responses. Insulin is a fat building hormone. Fat is your friend (not the hydrogenated kind) . I find an almost sure method that works for me is to log the foods I eat in a little spiral note book. Carbs for the morning should be 6, lunch 12, dinner 12.
That's it a nutshell.
Not sure if your goal is a little to lofty ; 60 lbs by Christmas?
Specific , you got that.
Method , you might need to work on that.
Action , ....
Realistic , ?
Time , You only have 2 months to lose 60 lbs.

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