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Exclamation Banana: Log it with peel or not?

Have you ever wondered what would be the truer, more accurate caloric values for the fruits/vegetables that you log?

This thread is about bananas. I've been wondering whether the canned caloric value (Food Journal) is for a peeled banana or one that is not peeled. With a little experiment, I've gotten my answer and can now share this with you.

The following are caloric values for the same banana, using different options under the Food Journal:

Banana, large (8"-8-7/8" long) ---> canned, estimated value ..................... 121 cal

Same banana, (~ 8" measured), with peel, weighed @ 223 grams ................ 198 cal

Same banana, without peel, weighed @ 141 grams ....................................... 125 cal

Therefore it can be concluded that the caloric values supplied for bananas are for bananas WITHOUT the peel. This is an important distinction for anyone who weighs out their foods. Not so much for someone who does not.

For those who weigh, 77 calories DOES make a big difference, especially if you eat 2-3 bananas a day like I do.

Does anyone dispute this finding or wish to add to this? Please feel free to do so. The goal here is to be accurate. Thank you.

PS: I'm also wondering about apple cores and peach pits. Those will be my next experiments.

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