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There are two cookies each with a thirty minute time out. They are updated when you request a fitday web page. You can use a cookie manager to remove the timeout / expiry. I am using Cookies Manager for Firefox.

Unfortunately, since the cookie is refreshed every time you load a new page it will overwrite the expiry time you set. This means that you can't just change the expiry time at the start of a session. If you remove the expiry after the last page load before you take a break then it works.

. get yourself a nice web browser like Firefox
. load a cookie manager like Cookies Manager+ for Firefox
. log onto fitday
. use fitday
. use cookie manager to remove the expiry date on _ibcv and __utmb
. stop using fitday for as long as you want
. return to fitday and use it
. continue .. and remove the expiry date immediately prior to each break

I hope this innocent information helps and doesn't get me thrown off by the thought police .. if they are reading this.
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