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Well, it's been a long time since I was single and cooking for myself, but here is a list things that I find helpful for fast on the go food:

Light canned soup, specifically Progresso and I eat the whole can
Making soup or chili, enough to last for several meals.
Those ready bags of chopped lettuce and baby carrots
Greek yogurt, plain with something tossed in, flaxseed, blueberries, etc
Protein shakes, either canned or powder that you toss in the smoothie maker
Sandwiches on whole wheat bread or slim buns, usually with turkey cold cuts and low fat cheese
Pizza made on a Flat Out wrap, yum only takes about 10 min in the oven
grilled chicken breast, buy a big bag, grill and slice it up and toss it in 1 serving baggies in the freezer, nuke as needed
Micro popcorn, 94% fat free
Ready chopped veggies at the store
Cottage cheese, non fat
Veggie burgers, toaster oven baby!
Pickles, make great snacks, you can even get them individually wrapped
Cereal, specifically Kashi
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