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You seem to be doing well, so I think it's up to you on how to proceed. For me, I do best on a low carb diet. My appetite stays better satisfied with protein and fat, I feel better and have more energy. And with any diet, sticking to it is the most important thing for sucess.

If later on you decide to do the low carb way of eating, I suggest that you do a bit of reading up on it, either over at or the Low Carb Friends forum. Both of those sites will help you get on the right track with a low carb way of eating. There's lots of misinformation about how those diets work, or how they affect you, and the right or wrong way of doing them. Even from well meaning folks.

Good luck with your chosen way of eating.

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Right now, I'm on the induction phase of Atkins, and my ratio's are around:

Fat: 51%

Carbs: 4%

Protein: 37%

On Atkins, you slowly up your carb intake until you find that you are no longer loosing. Then, if you still need to loose a bit more weight, you back off a bit on carbs until you start loosing again. Or if you are in the maitenence phase of the diet you try to keep your carb intake at that point.

I've lost about 25 lbs in a little over 2 months.

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