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Default Carbs or fat?

Hello…I recently put myself back on a strict diet to lose the 75 lbs I have gained over the past 4 years. I am determined to lose at least 60 lbs before Christmas. I have been doing great so far averaging about a pound per day, it’s only been 7 days but we all start somewhere, right? I know most of it is water weight and the next week or so will be the real weight loss. I have started exercising daily by walking (only at one mile in 20 min, need to work my way up), rowing machine and trying to figure out how to use that dame ball without falling off, I have no time for the gym so I have to make due while I am at home. But I am really confused which better to take in more of carbs or fat? Which burns faster? Right now I average an intake of roughly 800 calories depending on the day sometimes more sometimes less, around 70 – 75 grams carbs (which is little compared to old behavior, but still too many) , and fat between 20 – 27 grams depending on the day. Should I be taking in more fat then carbs to burn off the weight? I am not looking for a slow process diet, I want it over!! I know it’s not the “healthy” way but I am not starving myself or fasting so how unhealthy can it be? So if anyone can help me out with the carb to fat ratio, I would be so grateful, I have gone on so many websites researching that I am more confused then ever.
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