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Default Arnold Ehret's mucusless diet / Raw food / Fruitarianism

Hi to everybody,

i'm Marco from Italy. Now it's nearly one year the i started a muculess diet of Arnold Ehret. I started with a 14 days (and 14 nights) water fasting, and then i continued in direction of raw food and fruitarianism. In last 2 months i eat nearly only fresh fruits (also tomatoes and lemons, that are fruits).

I experienced severals style as liquidarian diet, only fruits, mono-diet (only apples), etc. Before this, i was vegeterian since 19 years. Now i'm 37.

I like to swaping experiences and so if there is some ehretist, raw foodist or fruitarian i'll be happy to talk about theese topics.

Thanks a lot to averyone,
Peach and Love
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