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Talking Interesting (funny) activities

Have you come across some listed activities in FitDay that caught your eye? Something that gave you a chuckle or a good laugh perhaps? Here's the place to list them, along with commentaries if you want!


- "walking to and from an outhouse"

OK, how many people still use an outhouse? And is this little nature walk so far away from the main dwelling that it needs to have it's own category? If you add this to your activities, don't forget to include the corresponding "sitting on toilet" or you'll be missing out.

- "farming, chasing cattle, non-strenuous (walking), moderate effort"

I don't know about this one. I'd say that "chasing cattle" is a pretty strenuous effort, especially since one has to dodge all the horse pies and the like. Also, why is there no "cow tipping"?? This is a very popular sport for college students.

- "having hair or nails done by someone else, sitting"

Not a big calorie burner, obviously, but if you tried "sitting, reading religious materials" you can burn an additional 7 calories in 20 minutes. So the next time you're at the beauty parlor, you may want to bring your Bible and do a little reading.

- "Anishinaabe Jingle Dancing or other traditional American Indian dancing"

One has to wonder exactly how many American Indians use FitDay and search for "Anishinaabe Jingle Dancing" as an activity.

- "feeding animals"

Rejoice the next time you feed your companion pet, knowing the more times you feed them, the more calories you burn. This actually burns a whopping 56 calories in 20 minutes, so instead of pampering yourself like getting your nails done, you may want to just stay home and feed your dog.

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