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Default On my way to health and weightloss, raw vegan style

Well, not 100% raw just yet! But I am vegan and I have been for a few months. I love it! But my veganism doesn't stop me from disordered eating and lack of exercise. So I joined this in hopes of finding a balance and a steady weightloss.

Raw veganism appeals to me because it's just all fresh, natural, whole foods that the Earth intended us to eat. No processed foods, no foods filled with chemicals and antibiotics. Just pure food. I'd say I'm going for about 75% raw right now, then transition. I've tried the raw vegan diet a few months back but because of my unhealthy relationship with food, I slacked and then just stopped altogether. But I remember the way I felt and it was tremendous.

I'm 20 years old, female, 5'7 weighing around 165lbs.

I'd love some support!
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