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hcg is not a drug, it's a hormone that occurs naturally in all humans. The dedication it takes to lose while on the weight loss phase is huge, so those who can't commit are weeded out also naturally. Then, for a mnimim of 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks, one follows a very low calorie diet made up of whole foods: vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. That takes planning and commitment. To follow that up, one moves into stabilization and maintenance mode, monitoring daily how certain foods effect their weight. One learns a lot about their bodies and adapts their behavior accordingly if they wish to be successful, which most of us do after the severity of the weight loss phase. All of these things put together form the new lifestyle changes that most of the people I know who do hcg successfully implement post hcg. We maintain, and most of us move into some compatible lifestyle like Primal Blueprint or Paleo. I don't expect someone who is close minded or wearing blinders to be able to absorb that the hcg diet IS all about real whole healthy foods, modifying ones behavior, and learning about their bodies. It's not a drug, it's not voodoo, it's not even a fad. I've literally spoken online with hundreds of people who are doing it, and I think the success rate is higher than any other "diet" out there. Because it's not a diet for us, it's a jumpstart to a new life.

Most of us no longer need Rx for hypertension, many no longer need Metformin or other diabetes meds, most of us keep 90% of the weight off. It's not just about losing quickly, that is only half the journey. If people on a diet, any diet, do not modify for maintenance, they will fail... on that we agree. However, the hcg diet continues into the maintenance mode, and give you tools to help one maintain. Weighing daily is a tool, it allows for correction if need be. Intermittent fasting followed by a steak and salad dinner are a sure fire way to drop 2 lbs pronto.

Since hcg is a hormone, as is insulin, thyroid, ghrelin and leptin ALL of which participate in one's metabolism, it is a very good fit for those who have metabolic diseases. There is an excellent blog by one Dr. Jack Kruse, who is an actual brain surgeon, neurosurgery, and he is certainly no dummy. He surmised that hcg dieting is a good way to kick start a program for those who are leptin resistant or hormonally imbalanced.
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