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Default Getting back on track

December 21, 2007 I weighed 386# and was 39 years old. I was a star high school football player, and played for a small college team, and i never thought I would weigh almost 400#. I decided that day i was going to change my life. Over the next year i lost 165# counter calories on fitday and doing strength and cardio. In 2009 I took advantage of my weight loss and ran several 1/2 marathons, 5ks, a sprint distance triathlon and in October my first marathon! The bad news is that over that year I put on 35#s. Now i am back logging my foods and continueing to workout. I hope to hit 200# by may 28th when i run my next marathon, then through the summer do some olympic distance triathlons and maybe a 1/2 ironman. my message is you can lose the weight without crazy diets and surgery but you have to want it more than anything else. Each time you start to stray ask yourself is the momentary pleasure worth not making your goal and the guilt you are going to feel.
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