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I can be pretty disciplined in the grocery store. It's the hubby, however who will ask for cookies for his lunches (he doesn't overindulge and therefore wants to have a cookie or something in the house for a sweet treat in his lunch or after supper) and of course the kids. I did great abstaining from cookies for about 3 months when I decided I wouldn't bake them, because if I do and they are in the house...I'm going to eat them. Now that school has started again, I'm back to baking again. I enjoy baking and I want my kids to grow up with the memories of coming home to the smell of something homebaked in the oven and the memories of helping mom make cookies. I'm a little sentimental that way. But I will look for alternatives for myself. I tried a piece of cinnamon gum the other day and it was good crave blocker and I am also going to look for 78% or higher dark chocolate which I just read about is a good crave satisfier and helps promote fat loss because of its high antioxidant levels. Thanks also for everyone's advice. I've been wanting to find a discussion board like this one because I think this will also help with self accountability.
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