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Originally Posted by mama1234o View Post
...well...8 cookies, which is so easy to do throughout the day, that I would've maintained a healthy caloric intake for myself for the day. Instead, those darn cookies, that I have the hardest time turning away from, packed on an extra 1200 calories. The cookies themselves were double the calories of the rest of the healthy food I'd eaten today.

Tell me about it! I had a cookie addiction. I was polishing off a large box of Oreos (from Sam's) in a little over a few weeks. So I'm very familiar with cookies.

My advice from a little experience is this. When you start eating clean, your craving for this type of junk food WILL diminish, and eventually it may even go away altogether. Mine has. I've also demonized trigger foods like this. When I walk down the isles in the foods stores, I give them little names now. The soda pop isle is the "Liquid death" isle. The candy/cookie isle is the "Heart attack" isle. It's gotten to the point that when I see people buying crap like this to put into their bodies, I'm starting to feel bad for them, knowing that they probably don't know what they're doing to themselves.

Also there are substitutes. Instead of cookies, I get my crunch on, and sweet fulfilled, by eating honey roasted peanuts. Instead of processed white flour (I was a spaghetti addict as well) I've substituted a meal I call "zesty peas" which seems to fulfill my desire instead of the pasta. So find healthy alternatives.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions

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