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I do struggle with the decision of: a) do I completely eliminate the cookies/sweets? or b) do I try to eat them in moderation and/or make healthier versions. I do try to make healthier cookie recipes by using half to all whole wheat flour, I've bought different sugar subtitutes, and I've added stuff like ground flax. So yes I can make better cookies. I also have 4 young children and I like to bake and I prefer to send them home baked goods than pre-packaged bought treats in their lunches. Although, home-baked doesn't necessarily mean healthy. My son asked for cinnamon buns the other day, so I made a batch of those. We had apples on the apple tree so I made apple danishes (delicious by the way). Both of those items are in the freezer and I am tempted to eat them but am doing okay resisting. I usually cave when I take one out for one of the kids and they don't finish I do. I am scared that if I decide to eliminate those foods completely that I will overindulge on another day...which I suppose I am doing anyway by eating 8 cookies in one day, heh?...but it's also so hard to politely say "no thank-you" when you are with other people because of the comments" oh you can work it off later" or "just take one" and just the pure difficulty of complete elimination. I think, once again, I will try to eat in moderation (keeping in mind how the cookie calories add up) and continue to make healthier versions of my baked goods. Not sure that I feel confident about this but I know I also need to exercise more self-discipline.
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