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Like Mike I find there are some sneaky calories I need to take a firm position agains. Wherthers are one. 20 calories can't hurt right? 40 wherthers in a week is 800 calories wasted. I can't have good cookies in the house. They will be eaten quickly. See if there is some low calorie treat to satisfy the sweet tooth -- or you may find the cravings go away after not having them for a while.

Stand firm and make up your mind what you are going to do about them before you are exposed. it's easier. If I bake brownies I know I am going to eat them all. I now only make them about once a year. If the craving is really strong I will pay the price for a single Brownie and savour it. I hope I can control the urge to return to the bakestore once it's gone. Mary

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