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Smile Cookie pls :)

I found FitDay by googling health forums to see if I could find advice or inspiration to help me with my health and fitness goals and the hurdles that I want to overcome. I decided to try logging my food for the day on the site here, first time doing that, and was it ever a wake up call. I've always known my sweet tooth...especially for cookies, has been holding me back. Well, it showed in my food log that had I not caved and eaten...well...8 cookies, which is so easy to do throughout the day, that I would've maintained a healthy caloric intake for myself for the day. Instead, those darn cookies, that I have the hardest time turning away from, packed on an extra 1200 calories. The cookies themselves were double the calories of the rest of the healthy food I'd eaten today. And this is a pretty regular way of eating for me. I know that for people to see my weight and height, must think "what weight has she got to lose?" But what people may not realize is that my waist (belly) measures 35 inches, which is not healthy for my size. My main goal is to really trim that down to 28 inches, but when you love cookies and all sorts of baking, it is extremely hard and I just don't know how to overcome this hurdle. Logging the food to see the calories actually seems to have opened my eyes, so we'll see if it's enough inspiration to help me exercise some self-discipline. Any thoughts or ideas? Glad to have found FitDay!
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