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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
LOL...ain't that the truth. I did quit for a while when I first started to lose weight,and that helped tremendously, but once I hit my goal weight, I slowly started back up and moderation is the key.
After a long run, I'm usually craving an ice cold beer, which probably isn't good for me or when my brother comes to town, he's usually packing some potent ya, I know what you mean all too well.
Ditto, ditto and re-ditto. Eliminating alcohol was definitely the key to losing the first 35 lbs and has been a trouble spot in losing the last 5 to 10. Like you, eperka, I don't concider myself an alcoholic, but a beer or glass of wine while DH and I prepare dinner and another with dinner (and maybe 1 after dinner) is just part of our evening ritual.

A couple of days ago I heard an interview with an author of new book on will power who put things in perspective for me. His research found that we all have a finite amount of will power that gets used up during the day. If you have a particularly difficult day where you have to make yourself do things you don't want to do, or stop yourself from doing things you want to do, by the time you get home in the evening your reserves are depleted. Thus, the ability to resist that lovely bottle Red Hook in 'fridge is really tough.

When I was focused on losing the weight, I chose at time when work was flowing smoothly and I was able to overlook a lot of minor issues and just focus on eating properly. I developed good habits including not having my usual evening beer or wine. After a while it didn't really take much will power anymore. Once I was in maintence mode I added the evening ritual back in, but maintained the good eating habits. So I haven't gained the weight back and actually slowly lost a little more. BUT when I tried to get back on the losers track I haven't been quite so successful.

And I am pretty sure that is because work has be tremendously stressful lately and just getting myself to go into the office requires a lot of will power, as do many tasks once I am there. So my usual large resources are simple gone by the time I get home. At the moment I consider myself lucky that I am still maintaining (largely because I am a fitness fiend).

I do see hope for improvement with the work environment on the horizon, so, with luck, maybe I will see the 120's yet .
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