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I had a blast in Vegas. I just took the time to write about my experience!! My diet sucked in Vegas and I am only 9 weeks out from my contest. Oh well...time to nail things down hard and I do have a plan to do just that! I think I can hit my goal in 9 weeks of no cheating and alot of hard training.

The Olympia was great!! I had a super fun time. What made me feel the best is that everywhere I went people asked me if I compete. So, I must be doing something right and am moving in the right direction at least. The funniest thing happened as I was at a booth looking at some contest suits. This asian lady asked me if I was planning to do figure or bikini as I was looking at the beautiful lime green sequined was a smaller suit. She said, that one might fit...then she looked at my butt and said...oh no it won't. You have a big butt!! Wow...that was humbling lol....gotta love her for tellin it like it is. She makes dozens of suit and she knows what a figure body should look like. She then asked me how many pounds am I planning to lose. I told her 12-15 pounds. She smiled and then stated that it should fit me good then and left me her card.....LOL

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