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Cool Alcohol + weight loss

I've seen many articles and posts about achieving and maintaining motivation to stay on a healthy program for losing weight. One of my most challenging issues is the use of alcohol and how it affects weight loss. I'm not an alcoholic, but alcohol does provide a pleasurable mood change, and I've been reluctant to give it up completely (not forever, but for a period of time appropriate to my weight loss program). I think not understanding fully the role that alcohol plays with respect to weight loss has been part of this reluctance to give it up. The answer for me was in research. I just finished a review of several articles, and they convinced me that alcohol is a real culprit that can slow (or arrest) your weight loss efforts, even if you are doing everything else "right." Since your body cannot store alcohol, it is the first thing (or fuel source) that your body will use. So your fat burning effectively stops while the body uses the alcohol for fuel. In fact, alcohol can decrease you fat burning rate by as much as 73%. Alcohol can also stimulate your appetite and lower your inhibitions about eating. Not a good combination. So I've decided today to go alcohol-free for 30 days, to see how this affects the rate of my weight loss.

Here are some of my stats:
Gender: M
Age: 60
Height: 6'-4"
Current weight: 245 lbs.
Max weight (2003): 275 lbs.
Goal Weight: 215
Loss since 9/7/11: 7.3 lbs.

I'd be interested to hear from others who may have been dealing with this issue.
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