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Hi ced1976 and welcome to FitDay!

You mention that the numbers come out wrong. So I assume you have some way of determining the calories you burn per time on the recumbent elliptical?

I'm thinking you can make a correlation between the recumbent and the stationary. If you burn 400 calories on the recumbent in x amount of time, then enter one of the choices for stationary bike, then "play" with the time to equal this amount of calories burned.

I just played with the stationary bike (100 watts) and when I plug in 1 hour, 5 minutes it comes out to 400 calories (401 really but close enough), assuming you have burned 400 calories on the recumbent.

Let's assume for example that you spent 45 minutes on the recumbent and burned 400 calories, and this is equal to 65 minutes on the stationary to burn the same amount.

You can then calculate the number that adjusts for the difference:

45 minutes X (x) = 65 minutes

x = 65/45

x = 1.44

So the next time, if you use the recumbent for 50 minutes, you would multiply 50 by 1.44 and come up with 72 minutes. You would then say that you did the stationary bike for 72 minutes.

I hope this helps. Since it's all about keeping track of the calories burned, it wouldn't matter if your activities say "stationary bike" or recumbent, so long as the amount of calories burned for the time you put in is fairly accurate.

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