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Originally Posted by kate.bastow View Post
Can you give me some ideas for increasing my iron while keeping my calories low? I'm trying to lose weight and getting sufficient iron has been difficult.


Here's a couple of articles that will be of help:

Understanding Iron Nutrition for Men / Nutrition / For Men

One thing I'll add that's important is this. I've read that in order to increase the absorption of iron you should increase the acidity at the same time. Therefore, drinking a glass of orange juice or putting a slice of tomato on your turkey burger will help increase Fe absorption.

As of this writing, I'm now averaging 13-16 grams of Fe a day and I just cannot get any less no matter how I try. They add iron to a lot of foods.. They add 5% here, 5% there. It's really not fair to men. It's like they are trying to increase our odds of cancer.

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