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I adore my GP.. I do... so much so that I trust not just MY life with him, but the life of my daughter. He's been our doctor for 20 years. As a matter of fact, I drive 10 hours for my 6 month visits because I've moved 700 miles away (my daughter is in college down there). Up here, I tried 6 doctors. At first, they were all put off by my general health and my weight and did not want to take me on as a patient. At that time I weighed over 300 lbs. I gave up trying to find a gp, and kept on driving down to see the doc who knows me best.

I was on lipitor at one time as well (pre-insurance) .. was costing me $300 per month per rx. Now I take the pravastatin with 4000mg of fish oil (the endo said it was safe to take up to 4000 mg..and it's made a WORLD of difference. I was hoping to get off the pravastatin completely and just stick with the fish oil... I'm just waiting to get to under 200. While I did have insurance, I looked into WLS - gastric bypass (when the weight started to come back on). I lost the insurance in the very last leg of the prerequisites. The insurance company requied 6 months of medically supervised diet. I was in the LAST month!!!! I had already done the sleep study, the endoscopy, the psyche evaluation, the seminars etc... wow.... I'm thinking that God was trying to tell me something... like...."Lori- you've done it before without having your insides rearranged.. you can do it again".

I'm REALLYYYYYYYYY curious about what others have learned about that synthroid though. As you can probably tell, I have no problem going AMA... doing it saved my life. Within the first 6 months of insulin, I had put on over 75 lbs!!!! I said.. FORGET THIS! Threw it away and stopped eating carbs. I believe I can do without the xanax (in fact, I think it makes me nasty at times), but not the pain meds.... I need to keep moving.

I did work out today, but honestly, it sucked. I did 250watts on the bike for 46 minutes and burned something like 650 calories.... but when I got to the gym, my ankles were screaming and I kept having to lower the speed on the treadmill. I would do 15 minutes, then go to some weights, then go do another 15 minutes. So it wasn't what I was hoping for - but still... I just looked at my count.. I burned almost 4000 calories (Including having to clean out the chicken coop and went on a hunt for fresh chicken food - so l lots of walking), but my calorie count isn't even 400 calories yet! BLAH...

There MUST be something else interfering. I should have lost 3.5 lbs by now.
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