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If you don't mind.. how does Synthroid effect your son? Has he gained? I had stopped taking it for a while (when my husband's company closed down and we lost our health insurance... I was trying to eliminate what I could in order to save), but my doc says that THIS is why I could be gaining so rapidly. I say it has more to do with eggplant parm! (lol)... and making rich desserts, and family dinners... etc. I also got back into the habit of nipping in the middle of the night and not paying attention to my carb count. I mean.. c'mon... I'm not cured of diabetes, I never will... so I will always be carb sensitive and I think ditching the carb count in order to be part of the gang was the WORST thing I could do! That Synthroid bothers me though... especially since my thyroid wasn't out of whack BEFORE it was rx'd. The endocrinologist thought it would boost my metabolism, so when I had to give him up (lack of insurance), my primary kept on with it (even though HE is the one who told me that there is nothing wrong with my thryoid). I'm terribly confused here, but I think that if I have a fairly normal thyroid, and taking synthroid is causing some gain... I need to ditch it AMA (like I did with the insulin). After all... medicine is called a "PRACTICE" for a's not perfect.

In my younger years, I was a gymnast, and used weights to build strength. When those days were over, I was encouraged to build for competition by my trainers until I started to look... um.. (and no offense to women bodybuilders)... like a man! As a matter of fact, a year ago I let go of a trainer because he INSISTED on training me for building (he was excited about my strength and muscle mass), and even mentioned me taking testosterone shots to reduce body fat (because his wife does...even at MY age (48)...) but she has developed a lot of manly facial features and I guess I'd rather be more squishy than manly. Honestly, my man was very put off by my muscle mass when we first met and it took a year of not working my arms to drop that down.

Yesterday I began much higher reps.. ie: lat pull downs... I did 20 reps/2 sets at 40... and did my last set of 20 at 55.

If you don't mind... how should I change that to burn fat, maintain strength, but not BUILD.

Thank you so much (I'm a tad lost without a trainer but honestly, I find that a lot of times, the trainer and I have different ideas about goals.

Thank you!!!!
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