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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Mark, glad you're back! I understand totally about the back muscle issue--it took months for mine to get back to normal--never had so much pain.

I know it's so easy to slip back into old habits. At least your slip wasn't totally disasterous and you're back on track. When I went off last time I came back to FitDay 250 pounds heavier than when I left

So let's go! Whatever happens exercise-wise, you've GOT to keep your eating in check. Exercise and good eating habits are best, but even w/o exercise you can maintain or lose slowly.

Keep us posted as to your progress.

Thanks Michael,

I remember you from when I was here before. I even participated in one of your 10% challenges. I see you have caught up to me. I can't seem to keep going in one direction, unless it the wrong direction.

So, we are both at 205 lbs. and we both want to get to 175lbs. Your journey has been such an inspiration to so many people. If you can do what you have already done and still go to where I wished I were, then it should be skip in the park for me. I'm gonna do these last 30 lbs with you...cheering you on!

Started 6/1/10: 240 lbs. and made it to 184 lbs.

Starting yet Again: 9/16/11 205 lbs. (someone help motivate me please)
Starting Again 4/14/11: 192 lbs. (completely fell off the wagon here)
Goal 8/11/11: 175 lbs. (Never made it)

Complete failure at keeping it off and now starting again.

9/1/14: 241 lbs.
Goal Weight: 190
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