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Originally Posted by Mark999 View Post
I can certainly relate. I was headed in a good direction. I lost 55 lbs. and was even starting to gain some muscle. Was doing Power 90 and C25K simultaneously. I even made it to running a 5K before the 9 week course was over, albeit a somewhat slow jog @ 37 mins but there was no walking. THe yoga portion of Power 90 was tough. Downward dog / upward dog will kick your butt! I was doing really great. Had my diet cleaned up and eating well. The fat was melting away and some muscle definition was beginning to form.

Then it happened! Phase 2 of Power 90 has a back exercise where you lie down on the floor face down and raise the arms and legs arching the back and hold it. On the second attempt a back muscle let go and I was done. One week became two. I tried to just keep walking but everything I did caused me back pain. I couldn't even walk 1/2 mile without causing great discomfort in my back. It did take me long to stop exercising altogether.

Of course this also led to my dietary demise as well. Slowly began allowing myself to eat fast food again. And here I sit writing this tonight, my fat gut hanging over my pants once again, wondering if I can get this junk off my body one more time. I have to get back to eating right and moving again.

Today I began again. I walked 2 miles this evening and I did it in 30 mins. As soon as I did it I came back to this site for the first time in months. My feet and legs hurt but it's that good kind of hurt. Tomorrow I shall go grocery shopping and vow to stay the hell away from Jack in The Box and McDonald's. Time to get back on the wagon! This time no back exercises!
Mark, glad you're back! I understand totally about the back muscle issue--it took months for mine to get back to normal--never had so much pain.

I know it's so easy to slip back into old habits. At least your slip wasn't totally disasterous and you're back on track. When I went off last time I came back to FitDay 250 pounds heavier than when I left

So let's go! Whatever happens exercise-wise, you've GOT to keep your eating in check. Exercise and good eating habits are best, but even w/o exercise you can maintain or lose slowly.

Keep us posted as to your progress.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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