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Thank you for the advice!

I know I can't be crazy..concerning the meds and weight gain and difficulty in losing it. I've experimented on my own and reported to the doctor. IE: I STOPPED taking the xanax for 4 weeks...and my weight maintained. I began again and by day 5, I had put on 9 lbs. The most and quickest I've seen it come on is 14 lbs in about 8 days. The doc says I'm nuts but I've brought my husband in as a witness (he watched me get on the scale and record the weight gain and the record the meds I've taken).

Doc says not to stop taking it because even without the insulin, I'm still a diabetic and a low dose sedative will help keep my a1c down (something about stress raising blood sugar). As far as the pain medication - without it, I won't be able to work out. I'll be able to do limited housework... this and that.. but with a lot of breaks in between. It seems there is a bulging disc in my back and one in my neck...and in my youth I abused my body something terrible with gymnastics and have way too much arthritis for someone my age (I think).. I'll be 49 next month.

The Synthroid. Hmm... all reports show my thyroid is working fine.. so why the synthroid? It was working fine BEFORE it was rx'd by the endocrinologist (as a way of boosting my metabolism), but my primary says I just can't stop taking it and it's possible that this weight came on so fast because I stopped taking it a few months ago.

The diuretics sometimes work, sometimes don't!?! Sometimes I'll dispel up to 8 lbs of fluid in a day... then nothing for 2 weeks... so I don't see the reason for taking THOSE everyday either.

The fish oil and pravastatin have done wonders to reduce my cholesterol (which is still not normal.. 248).. but a heck of a lot better than almost 400. My triglycerides are now normal (since I stopped taking the insulin and stopped eating most carbs).. before, it was over 600 which the doc said was off the chart... they show the number, but there's no definition for it as in, good, fair, bad.... but's good.

Today I did my 45 minutes at 200watts on the bike... then an hour on the treadmill at the gym... and only worked a couple of muscle groups with many more reps in each set and slightly lower weight.. came home and had 3.78 oz 85/15 ground sirloin. I was told that I was supposed to work out on an empty stomache, but I'd sure love to have a few of those fresh chicken eggs BEFORE I hit the gym, but after I do my bike at home.

Again.. thank you... I'm going to switch to having something to eat before I go to the gym.... laying off carbs is a given for me because I don't want to spike my bs. (Last a1c was 5.8).. YAY!!! Not bad for a woman who was once reading a 14!!!

I'll check out those other forums too!

Thanks again for your response!!
God bless
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