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Hi Lori,

I am not a physician, so I can only relay my experiences and the wisdom I have gained from all of the wonderful folks on this forum.

First, I am really sorry to see that you are on all the meds. I am sure that they are important for your functioning, but I am also guessing that you would love to reduce the number. Like you, I suspect that they are, indeed, having some effect on your metabolism, but the scientific evidence of moderate side effects is quite incomplete. Generally medicine is concerned with the effectiveness of the medication and making sure you won't die from it . Therefore MDs are reluctant to agree with our observations without experimental proof to back them up because each of us are so different when it comes to how we react to drugs.

Secondly, I am pretty sure you can still work around it with some changes.

One thing I would definitely suggest is to eat something before you head off to the gym. Like any engine, your body needs some fuel to work effectively and efficiently. I think having a little something even before your bike ride would be a good idea.

The weight gain is actually pretty common after hard workouts. A number of us have talked about this in past posts. As you are straining your muscles, you are actually causing little tears to the tissue. It is the repair of those tears that results in stronger muscles. The repair mechanisms usually causes inflamation... thus water retention and the apparent increase on the scale.

Which brings up 2 other important facts:

1. You need to make sure that you are getting enough protein to enable those tired, depleted muscles to rebuild. A high protein meal or snack after your workout is a really good idea. Eggs, cottage cheese, a protein shake, or even piece of chicken or fish are all great post workout foods.
2. In order for those muscles to rebuild, they need some rest. 24 hours or more between hard workouts is usually recommended for us mere mortals. Otherwise they fatigue to the point of breaking down.

Finally: Patience girl! If you spend some time reading the forums you will see that the most successful folks are the ones that set the course for the long haul. Pretty much anyone can drop pounds with a starvation diet and excessive exercise, but no one can stick to it for very long. Make good eating habits and exercise part of your daily life forever and you will not only drop those dreaded 50lbs, they will never come back.

Oh, and keep us posted on your progress. Log into the "did you exercise" thread. It is amazing how inspiring and helpful it is to read how others overcome obsticles and make great progress on thier fitness journey.

See you there!
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