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Default Restarting my routine

Hey Folks...

Please.... feel free.. PLEASE FEEL FREE to tell me what I might be doing wrong.

In 2008 I started atkins and lost 100 lbs in 5 months... then another 30 dribbled off over the following year. In the last year, I've put 50 back on.

My former routine was cardio 6 x a week and weight training 3 x a week.

Since I restarted (3 days), I've started doing 45 minutes of recumbent bike at home at 200 watts (works out to about 600 calories and 7 miles). Then I jump in the shower and head to the gym BEFORE I eat where I do another hour on the treadmill and pick and choose about 30 - 40 minutes of weights.

I'm loaded with muscle, so I'm NOTTTTT trying to build... I'm going with lighter weights, higher reps... ie:

lat pull downs: 40 lbs 3 sets of 15
Abductors/Adductors: 145 lbs 3 sets of 12
I use the machine for bi's: I keep that to like 30 or 40 lbs... 3 sets of 10 (I hate doing bi's)
Tri's: I use the seated press at 100 lbs - 3 sets of 12
Leg press: 210 lbs 3 sets of 12

of course, there are other muscle groups I try to work as well... but.... no matter what I do I make sure I'm doing supersets... no rest in between. ie: I'll do a set of tri's and go right to lat pull downs then right back to tri's.... etc until 3 sets of each are done (keeping up a good sweat).

So far.. in the past few days (I'm so impatient), I've gained 2 lbs! LOL I'm burning about 4000 cal a day between exercise and lifestyle (and even though I do a lot of housework and take care of my chickens and do all the cooking and laundry and even cut firewood) I put myself down for a sedentary lifestyle to inspire me to work harder.

I DO take Synthroid (.75), Pravastatin (40mg), bumex (1mg), I take .05 xanax 4 x a day and vicodin up to 4 x a day (10/660). I've SWORN that all these meds have something to do with my difficulty in losing weight, but the doc says no. I'll tell you folks one thing...... I took myself off of insulin and within 4 days doing atkins, my sugar was normal and like I said... 100 lbs fell off in 5 months. I know.. it was AMA... but, I figured if I was going to die because of diabetes... I was going to do it MY way - and instead, I got a LOT healthier.

Does anyone else have issues with meds and weight loss?

Thanks for reading.... I know it's longwinded, but I'm trying to get in as many thoughts as possible in one exercise message!

God be with you all!
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