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So glad you brought this up. Great topic. I consider myself a flexitarian. I know... the vegetarians out there will hate this, but it is a great place to start down the road to being a vegetarian and to wards a healthy life-style. This means, as a family, we eat a mostly vegetarian diet with occasional meat, usually broiled fish or chicken.

Other possibilities for those who would like to "try on" a more vegetarian life-style are pollotarianism, vegetarianism with occasional chicken added to diet or pescetarianism, occasional fish added to diet.

Any of these choices are very healthy, done right (no deep-fried, etc.) and really help to take off the pounds. We've done this, at various levels, for 20 years.

I started cooking vegetarian meals for my family once a week. Then two... then three...then four. And you know what? They didn't even notice! In fact, when I would make something with meat, they preferred the "lighter" dinners. Give it a try!

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