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Talking Drop the Atkins ~ Drop some calories

The heavy cream has got to go! Plus Atkins is a very unbalanced way to go. You need all three: carbs/fat/protein. Are you actively recording your food journal on a daily basis? and taking the time to create the food nutrition item if it's not automatically in the system? If you've been doing Atkins for a week and have lost no weight ~ and I'm only saying this because Atkins is so bad for you and most people DO loose weight quickly (only to regain it of course) ~ then you're definitely packing away too many calories during the day. Are you exercising? It really all comes down to balance which we all struggle with. Just take a step back and honestly log your food into the journal then scroll down and see what the system states about the amount of calories your putting in as opposed to burning. Balance your food out and drop 500 calories of your current intake off the daily total. If you're eating 2500 calories a day then go to 2000. Remember that it's 3500 calories = 1 pound. Don't expect quick results ~ this will only lead to upset and failure.
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