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Cassie - I agree with your observations. It is true that you can find all sorts of support for any nutritional approach or "diet" plan, and most will work for some part of the population, but not for others. If a plan worked for everyone, there wouldn't be so many legitimate options (ignoring the more bizarre claims).

We are all different, and trying to assume I would have the same success as someone else on a particular plan can be the very thing that could keep me fat...because it can strip my self confidence and undermine any efforts that I make to become more healthy. If my body reacts differently than someone else, that could mean that I REALLY AM much more hungry, and my biochemistry is making things harder, not just my lack of willpower or inability to follow directions. That's where this site is so valuable, with the food journal, mood indicators, weightloss graphs, activity logs, and general journal, all working together to draw attention to exactly what was happening when we see periods of success or challenge. I am glad I found Fit Day, as it is sooooo much easier than what I was tracking on my own.

A person really needs to pay close attention to their own body when making these decisions. Even very good doctors may not have the best answer for your biochemistry, without the partnership WITH you, to find out what does work. When I ate the way one heart doctor insisted that I eat (special K for breakfast, spaghetti with meatless fat free sauce, no eggs, etc), I put on 30 lbs in 4 months, was emotionally unstable, and my skin looked bad. When I went back to my preferred food items, the weight began to come off again, and I just felt better. We found I don't react well to processed carbohydrates at all. I am much better if I only eat unprocessed carbs in natural form, like steel cut oats, not cherrios. I must eat whole grains themselves in original form, not things made from whole grains (no bread or pasta)...and whole fruits and vegetables, not juices or other processed items.

Small things can make a big difference. I discovered that I lost weight more easily after I switched vitamins...apparently there was something critical to my own biochemistry that I was not getting before.

When I read someone else's experience, it gives me other variables to try in fine tuning my own approach. I really appreciate reading all your experiences and opinions. You are all helping me alot. THANKS!
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