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The first of this year my husband and I started eating more Paleo-like (caveman is the best way to describe it I guess). As i track what I've eaten I'm noticing my average protein intake is 50-60% of my calories with fat and carbs being 20-30% each. I try to keep carbs between 75 and 100 grams and coming from milk, fruits and vegetables. My husband has lost 30 lbs doing so and I have lost 15. I have a lot of energy and eating so much protein keeps me pretty full. We don't eat peanut butter, I don't think peanuts aren't that great. I make my own butter with almonds, pecans or hazelnuts and limit myself to a TBSP serving when I eat it. Chicken, Turkey and Salmon are my staple foods. Every now and then I'll eat some protein powder or muscle milk. It's really sweet so I have it more as a desert.
Lifting Goals:
Squat: 400 (currently 325)
Bench: 200 (currently 160)
Deadlift: 375 (currently 275)
Clean: 200 (currently 155)
Jerk: 175 (currently 135)
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