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Originally Posted by Frenchmaid1969 View Post
Hi Michael, well for the lifestyle I choose (Seated all day) because that actually my job at work! I don't do exercice everyday but I go for walk 2 time at coffee (20 min) and sometime at lunch for 1 hours... so when I log this in the exercicse log I put 1:00 or 60 minutes??

So I need to add every day in the exercice log that I sleep for 8 hours? God I am so lost in this! Sorry! So is this normal that when I go to the exercice log it say that I burn 2,000 calorie sleeping for 24 hrs!

Nathalie, the time format can be confusing. You must put hours and minutes, so eight hours of sleep would be 8:00. Thirty minutes of exercise would be 0:30.

I'm not sure what's up with the 24 hours of sleep! There is supposed to be eight hours included in your "lifestyle" but adding an "extra" eight hours as an activity seems for many of us to bring the estimated calorie burn closer to reality.

As you may have seen, your "lifestyle" is for 24 hours, which includes an estimate of your basal metabolism (how many calories your body burns doing "nothing") plus an estimate of how many calories you burn at your occupation. As you can see, these are all estimates so you really need to track things for a while and make changes as necessary.

Hope this helps!

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