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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
What "lifestyle" did you choose? And how are you putting in your exercise? A common mistake is to not format your exercise time properly, it must be entered as hours:minutes (for example, if you run for 45 minutes, it must be entered as 00:45, otherwise you'll get a ridiculous number).

Also, many of us add 8 hours of sleep to our daily activities to bring the daily burn estimate down closer to our own "reality".

BMR depends upon many factors, including age, sex, muscle mass, etc. so at best all these calculators are "informed guesses" which you will need to fine tune for yourself. They are more guidelines than rules.

For example, as a 47 y/o male, currently at 213 pounds with a "seated w/some movement" lifestyle my daily burn w/o exercise is around 2500 calories.

Hope this helps!

Hi Michael, well for the lifestyle I choose (Seated all day) because that actually my job at work! I don't do exercice everyday but I go for walk 2 time at coffee (20 min) and sometime at lunch for 1 hours... so when I log this in the exercicse log I put 1:00 or 60 minutes??

So I need to add every day in the exercice log that I sleep for 8 hours? God I am so lost in this! Sorry! So is this normal that when I go to the exercice log it say that I burn 2,000 calorie sleeping for 24 hrs!

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