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I do not wish to belie fasting for its spiritual attributes, as such is of great importance to many people.

I take issue with the implication that fasts are a helpful weight loss aid. Fasts may be trendy right now but are the opposite of healthy. You may lose weight (temporary water weight/weight loss that only registers on the scale while fasting), but not actual fat which is what ya want. Here is lots of info about fasts:

Is Fasting Healthy?

Detoxification (alternative medicine) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Science-Based Medicine “Toxins”: the new evil humours

i encourage fitday users to research some of the statements made in this thread. I do think the information in the above provided links is sound. Believe as your perception of this world allows.

I think having links like this are okay since i'm not spamming or trying to get hits on a personal blog. if they aren't cool please let me know and i'll take them down.
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