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Default Not a party pooper at all, Beth

I wasn't really talking about 1 or 2 glasses a week, or even a couple of glasses on an occassional Friday night. My comment about fat metabolism was aimed at the kind of consumption you noted: the day in, day out 2 or 3 glasses, which was my habit prior to mid-January. Before starting this round of weight reduction, everytime I tried to lose weight I would get tripped up by a frothy glass of beer - which would turn into 2 or 3. Even when I was keeping the calories at 1500ish, I couldn't lose weight, especially body fat. Sadly, I have a high tolerance for alcohol so I rarely feel drunk even though I couldn't pass a sobriety test to save my life.

At this point I keep my consumption to 1, maybe 2 glasses a week, mostly on the weekends. And I gotta say it seems to be working. Maybe it is all in my head. If so... way to go head!
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