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About 2 yrs ago I became a diabetic. I saw a diabetic counselor who advised that I stick to a range between 135-180 g of carbohydrates per day and exercise daily. So for the last year and a half I have been paying attention only to carbs, and nothing else, and noticed that I was only maintaining my weight. So almost two weeks ago I started looking around at different variances between calories, fats, carbs and proteins to try to guestimate a good starting point. I calculated this with the number of carbs that had been suggested by the diabetic counselor and modified the other percentages around that. What I came to was a figure like "37-29-34", representing carb-protein-fat. Looking at a calorie calculator I gathered that I probably needed to consume roughly about 2200 calories to maintain my weight, and decided that a target of 1500 cal/day may help me to shed pounds. I continued daily exercise, and monitored other activities like housechores, food prep, etc. After one week I discovered I had dropped 2lbs. I think I might be onto something here.
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