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A 24 hour fast once or twice a week might help.... and 24 hours isn't that bad (or as bad as it seems) because you don't go an entire day without eating.

For instance, Monday have breakfast and lunch. Don't eat anything after lunch (say you finish at 1pm), then fast until 1pm the following day (Tuesday) - eat lunch at 1pm, and dinner. There is a 24 hour fast. You could of course even eat breakfast, lunch, dinner (say end at 6pm) then wait until 6pm to eat the next day.

You shouldn't really do this more than twice a week, as it can over-stress the body and raise cortisol levels. But once or twice shouldn't hurt.

And the key is to east 'normal' sized meals - don't overcompensate by having a huge dinner. (It can be a little bigger than normal - but don't eat all of your calories for that day in one meal!)
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