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Amazon2Andes, I am so there with you sister! I think the friend I mentioned is getting better, she was here today and we just flat out didn't mention it. Of course her husband just got a new job, which is cause to be happy. I'm bracing for the conversation that's going to come around 30-40 pounds from now. She's a very open and honest person and I think at some point she's going to hit me with some sort of "you have anorexia" intervention (for the record I eat 3 squares and at least one snack daily).

rockymtnsavvy, I always say that in my life I've lost 68 pounds and gained 207. But this time seems different to me because I've got a plan to halt the backsliding. I've given myself a healthy weight goal of 120 with 10 pound range of 118-128, and I've committed to getting rid of each piece of clothing as it becomes too big. So far I've given away everything in sizes 24 and 22 and now size 20 is 1/2 packed as well. The hardest part is giving away things that are new, but I've done it because I've promised myself that I'm never going to wear that size again. I even have definitions of what is "too big", pants that can be taken on and off without unbuttoning, shirts and dresses that have more than 10 inches of extra fabric around the stomach, panties that won't stay up by themselves and bras with wrinkles in the cups. Another thing I've committed to is following the plan M-F no matter what, going off diet will be like sleeping-in and only semi-allowable on the weekends. For the most part I don't think it's possible to gain more weight in 2 days than I can lose in 5 - but I've been wrong before.
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