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Originally Posted by pattialbert View Post
Genny does it say how many servings this makes.?? I thought beef was high in calories but 4 oz of filet mignon for 200 calories is amazing...if its two servings
Actually beef can be very lean. My parents raise beef cattle, and have found that grass and hay raised beef when butchered under 2-3 years old are so lean you have to use cooking spray to fry hamburger - seriously. Many of the commercial beef growers use growth hormones and feed their cows plenty of corn, which speeds up the growth rate and makes the final product have a higher fat content. If you love beef and would like to eat it as often as possible I would recommend that you buy it directly from a farm and have it custom packaged at a butcher shop. When I call in cutting orders to the butcher shop, I always ask for the meat to be 91% lean or higher. The hamburger at our house is bright red, because basically it's very lean ground steak. Don't worry if you want an order smaller than a whole cow, you can order a 1/4 cow, which is 60-200 pounds of meat depending on the size of the animal.
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