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I have to tell you that you are more on the right trac than almost all of the newbies that post, because you understand the science of keeping a record of the macros, and I have good news!!

If you start working out more, like you said, you really won't have to think about the fine balance between your proteins and carbs.

Also, if you eat the same thing most of the time, then soon you will not even have to log because you will be dialed in.

As for excercise, do you belong to a gym, or have one at home?

Either way, and if you are just starting out, walking is the recommended way to burn a lot of calories. try to walk an hour twice per day, if you have the time, bring water.

Also ask Micheal about what he recommends in terms of water intake.

Best of luck to you, in one year, you could be down to 200 without a problem, and the slow way is the best in terms of keeping it off, otherwise you could just fast, which seems like a total waste and a sure way to lose muscle mass fast.

Post a pic of your feet on the scale when you get to 225!!
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