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Thanks again for the feedback. I'll post my daily food diet. I eat the same thing every day.

Breakfast: 45g high fibre cereal and 60ml of low fat milk
Lunch: 2 Slices of 9 grain bread with Salmon in Springwater 95g tin and about 100g of Lettuce
Dinner: Chicken Breast Pan Fried 200g with Broccoli Steamed about 280g
Snack: Large Apple with skin

I calculated as accurately as I can all the nutrition details about each food by reading the labels and researching online. I do have an extensive food spread sheet with all the info but I shortened it down.

Atm now its 35/42/23 with 101g carbs 120g protein and 28 grams of fat. Also with this diet i hit the daily targets of low sugar, low bad fats and also my 30g of fibre.

If i was to change to have say 40% carbs Iím not sure what to sub in/out. I just want to get my diet right so I donít have to worry about it and can focus on other things like more exercise
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