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Regarding the post above mine, it is VITAL that you get enough fat and protein...These are the two BUILDING BLOCKS of your body. If you just eat fruit and vegetables (carbs, which are non-essential for humans, and only necessary for storing fat when periods of starvation occur,) your body will not get the necessary FATTY ACIDS and AMINO ACIDS for muscle growth/maintanence, keeping you sane (ever gone on a low-fat diet?!), and regulating your bodily systems.

If you want to "detox", I would suggest INTERMITTENT FASTING. If the idea scares you, do a little research on the subject. Look up DR. EADES, he's a great MD that really advocates the concept of fasting. Once you have switched to low-carb and cut out all grains, it is presumably faster to go a day without eating. (And no, your metabolism will not slow down. This is a fallacy..You will realize this with a few good articles.)
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