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Default How much protein (%) should I eat per day for weight loss

Hello all

First post here and thanks for reading

I am currently on a diet. Iím 185cm, 116.6kg start weight, 86kg goal weight. Currently 110.2kg.

I think Iím finding out that a little bit of information is a worse than none.

What Iím trying to figure out is what percentage of protein I should eat per day. I do cardio every day, mainly running with some swimming and exercise bike. I do weightís as well but only 1-2 week.

I am currently running on 45% protein 35% carbs and 20% fats daily.

I'm also not sure on how many calories per day I need. From all the research I do online I get incredibly different results.

Can anyone tell me what %ís I should be aiming for in my diet for weight loss?
Also whatís the best way to work out how many calories I need per day?

Thanks in advance, Jimmy.
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