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Steph, discovered the BEST diet I have ever eaten about five or six months ago. Not only does it result in WEIGHT LOSS, but also increased energy, a better blood lipid profile, less inflammation (and we all know what that does to our bodies...), as well as being a sustainable, delicious way to eat.

Plus, no calorie restriction. Try eating PALEO. Eat REAL foods. All types of meat (don't worry about saturated fat, there are hundreds of sources that prove that saturated fat and cholesterol are NOT the enemy,) eggs, healthy, natural fat sources (butter, ghee, tallow, coconut oil..), an abundance of vegetables, and compliment the diet with moderate amounts of low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds and vices (dark chocolate or wine, anyone?)

The basics of the diet is LOW-CARB, where your body switches over to burning fat for fuel, either dietary or the stuff hanging on your body. Cut out grains (irritants for the gut,) pastas, cereals, cookies, crackers, legumes, and dairy for at least ONE WHOLE MONTH. Track your results and I BET you will find progress, and want to continue. Check my Fitday if you need inspiration. Good LUCK!

Marks Daily Apple... Explore this site on primal eating. It's fantastic!

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