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By and large losing weight is about taking in less calories then you need to burn in a given day. What has worked for me (down 40 lbs since November) is using the free calculators on this site:

Free Diet Plans and Weight Loss Programs

Using the calculators, you should be able to get a baseline for what your daily caloric needs are. No calculator is perfect but it will at least give you an idea of how many calories you need to take in during a given day to maintain or lose weight.

After that you can choose how you want structure your eating and your cardio so that you maintain an overall caloric deficit.

After you know your daily needs you will want to be sure to structure your diet in a way that you receive your calories in a balanced way. I use a 40C/30P/30F breakdown, but there are others. In fact there is a calculator for that as well on the website. Simply cutting out sugars will not lead to weight loss. You need to take a look at the overall picture of your diet and make sure that your calories are where they should be for your body.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your weight loss and hang in there.

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